About Cove Caramel

Mary Ellen Waack

It all started when my Grandmother,  who owned and operated her family bakery established in 1895 by her father Martin Gressman, handed down a caramel recipe to my father.  Each year at Christmas my father would create these rich, creamy, melt-in-your-mouth treats.  A labor of love, they brought smiles to so many year after year. Family and friends would eagerly await these mouth watering gifts. They graced my mother’s Christmas cookie trays for many years and became a tradition for our family.   Eventually the children, including yours truly, would help with making and wrapping them each year.  

As I became an adult with a family of my own we carried on this Christmas time tradition.  Each year as friends dove into their bag of hand crafted caramels, they would say “you really should sell these”.  As I continued with my professional life, as an accountant, the idea always remained in the back of my mind that one day I would start a business and sell my caramels.  Well…the time has come. Cove Caramel is now creating these decadent treats to be shared with the world! They are just too good to only be made once a year! 

I look forward to expanding on the recipe to create different flavors and creations for you to indulge in.  Our caramels are hand crafted with lots of love , from the finest organic and premium ingredients.  We carry on this tradition in the hopes that you will enjoy them as much as our family and friends and that you will spread the joy by sharing them with those you love!

Mary Ellen